1st Ever "Fitter Than Ever Contest"

Results and Transformations

July 7 to September 29, 2009



Elizabeth Falk

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"Beth loses 25 lbs, loses more than 3 inches from her waist and hips, and feels more energetic and confident than ever before!"



12 weeks. What’s the difference? My photos show a bit of improvement – I’ve lost a bit, and I have some definition in my midsection. These 12 weeks included 3 weeks of vacation and 2 of business travel, and I had less control of my food intake than I'd like, so I still have 10 pounds to go to reach my goal weight.

But my real transformation, the one that matters to me, is something you can’t see in a photo. I’m 41 years old, and for the first time in my life I am an athlete. Two days ago, I ran my first ever 5K. I finished with tears in my eyes, so proud that I’d done it and that my two little girls were there to watch me finish. I worry all the time about the messages my daughters receive from a world that has all kinds of unrealistic expectations about their bodies. But I’ve come to realize that the best way for me to help them is to model good behavior. They see that I exercise because it makes me feel good, and not because I want to lose weight, and they’re learning a great lesson.

That is what’s different about me now. I’ve become someone who loves to exercise, not just for weight loss, but because I don’t feel right if I miss a workout. Fitter U Fitness has made a huge difference in my energy level, my self-esteem and my overall sense of well-being. I’ve never been able to stick with an exercise program before because it felt like drudgery, but with the structure, variety and encouragement I get here, it’s become fun.

I’m healthy. I’m strong. I feel great in a way I literally never have before. And I will never give up.

My results:

My biggest changes came in the first 3 months I did this program, from April to July, and what has happened in the past 12 weeks is more of a refinement in terms of numbers (though I'm not done yet - I want to be down 10 more pounds by Christmas).


Weight - 150lbs (April) /130 lbs / 125 lbs
Waist - 31.5 inches / 30 inches
Hips - 35.5 inches / 34 inches
Upper Arm - 11.75"left, 12" right / 11 inches
Thighs - 21.25" / 20.25"
1 mile best pace: 11.5 - 12 min / 9 min

A little something extra:

I want you guys to see this in case anyone is just starting out and wondering whether this program really works. It's very hard for me to make these public, and I thought a lot about it, but I'm doing it in the hope it will help someone else.

The images on the left in each frame are me last April, when I was just starting to exercise with FitterU. The images on the right are today. When I started the first Fitter U Fitness program in the spring, I weighed about 150 lbs and used 5 lb weights for workouts. Now, I’m at 125 and I can do most of the movements with 20-25 lb weights.

You can see from the expression on my face and my posture that I was feeling pretty lousy about myself at the beginning (justifiably so - I had no energy, I was overweight, and I felt lazy). These are results after 3 (and 6) months and lots of consistent effort, and I'm not done yet. But I have to say I can hardly believe it's me in both pictures.

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