1st Ever "Fitter Than Ever Contest"

Results and Transformations

July 7 to September 29, 2009




Chris Vagai

*Wins $500 reward PLUS 1-Year FREE membership to Fitter U Fitness*


"Chris loses 6 kilos (13.2 lbs), gets his resting heart rate down to 43 bpm, and develops a love for daily exercise!"


Definition, Structure and Lifestyle.

The above three words summarize in short what this contest and Fitter U Fitness workouts have given me.

Definition. I have never felt BETTER wearing clothes! The most shocking thing now is that I have to wear my younger brothers shirts and to my surprise, I HAVE BICEPS! Hehe. I was talking to my GF a week ago and said “Guess what, I have biceps!” she replied with a dull tone saying, “uhhh, you always did!”. “I know! But now I can SEE them ” I responded. This to me is VERY exciting. I’m more into living a active lifestyle and all about been able to function more efficiently. But if the definition in my arms and stomach (and my whole body) improves WHILE achieving a healthier lifestyle through Fitter U Fitness, I’ll take that too! YAYY!

In the next two weeks I am going to go and buy a pair of nice fitting jeans and a shirt as a reward. I haven’t shopped in the last 3 months because I KNEW if I FOLLOWED THE PROGRAM, the RESULTS would come! I’ve done my own reading and research and the STRUCTURE of Fitter U Fitness is just one of the best BLUEPRINTS to burning fat and becoming Fitter. I must admit, it wasn’t the easiest but it was enjoyable.

I started out at 105.9 kg and I'm now down to 99.8 kg.

At the end of the challenge, I went to get my blood checked and found out my blood pressure at the same time. Doctor was impressed!

Blood pressure was 117/58 and my resting heart rate was 43.

She was aware diabetes and high blood pressure was common in our family and told me to remain active! (I went to the appointment in shorts after my jog)

I wish I had taken girth measurements because I feel it in my belt buckles and jeans. Unfortunately no numbers.

Lastly, last week on Friday I got a body composition analysis, signifying I had 18% body fat. Again, I don't know where I started. I just got very curious as to where I am as the outline of my abdominal started appearing about 3 weeks ago!

3 Main Reasons Why I Love Fitter U Fitness

1) Motivation – having Yuri in my earphones, motivating me to push for that one extra rep, to hold the plank for 5 more seconds, allowed me to push myself! Like Yuri always says, NGU! NEVER GIVE UP

2) Structure – not having to worry about what was coming next in the workout allowed me to solely FOCUS on the task at hand. Too often I see people in gyms with NO STRUCTURE, they look in the mirror, do a little this a little bit of that, and an hour later (wasted) there leaving with NO SWEAT. Structure is just what I needed with training and Fitter U Fitness

3) Balance – Other programs I’ve looked at are either too much cardio focused or too much strength training focused. Fitter U Fitness PERFECTLY balances CARDIO & RESISTANCE TRAINING. Additionally with the calendar, all workouts are structured for maximum results and recovery. One of my most favorite parts of the program are the Interval Runs. The EUPHORIA after these is ADDICTIVE! Love it!

Lifestyle. Moving daily is now a HABIT! And one I absolutely LOVE!!! A year ago, I could never have dreamt to be waking up with energy, ready to move my body. This to me is the GREATEST benefit from Fitter U Fitness. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.



Christopher Vagai
Melbourne, Australia


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