1st Ever "Fitter Than Ever Contest"

Results and Transformations

July 7 to September 29, 2009


1st RUNNER UP (Female)

Sue Van Dyke

*Wins $250 reward PLUS 6-Month FREE membership to Fitter U Fitness*


"Sue loses over 4 lbs, develops a warrior-like commitment to exercise, and now enjoys greater strength, endurance, better moods, and unstoppable confidence!"


Hi Yuri,

Yes, I cannot believe the finale of the ‘12 week Fitter U Fitness Transformation Challenge’ has arrived – wow – as I have said before - ‘time really does fly when you are having fun’.

First of all I would like to say thank you as I have really enjoyed your Fitter U Fitness program. It’s amazing that I live in Perth, Australia and you are coaching me from the other side of the world in Canada. I’m really glad that I found you and your program; you have made a huge difference in my life. I love everything about your program. I am a person who gets bored easily and enjoys a challenge, thus your program suits me perfectly. This is what I especially love about your program:

Structure – it’s easy to follow – being able to see all the workouts for the month is wonderful especially as I am a visual person that likes to be organized. I also think it’s great that I don’t have to keep count of the intervals or the times to change exercise etc.

Time efficient - great for busy people like myself – all I have to do is quickly put on my workout clothes, grab my water bottle, check the training plan – grab the correct tracker, strap on my IPod and off I go – easy. Much easier than driving to the gym – in peak hour traffic, trying to find a parking spot (so you are looking after the environment as well), and waiting for my turn on the gym equipment – etc etc. I love the way you use compound exercises to achieve more in less time. Also did you know that during the circuit 2 minute breaks you can quickly fold washing and put it away – another bonus.

Enjoyable – I love the variety, progression and the challenge which keeps me motivated. I especially enjoy getting the following months exercise program – I think it is really exciting to watch the videos, print the program plan and tracker to see what ‘fun’ exercises and challenges there are for that month. Throwing the weight in the air this month was an added bonus – also helping our hand – eye co-ordination.

Safe – you explain and demonstrate well how to do the exercises correctly to get the most benefit and to prevent injury

Motivating - your coaching is just enough to push me out of my comfort zone – which I very much doubt I would have achieved by myself. I especially enjoy the motivational talks you give during some of the interval training sessions.

Locker room forum is another great idea providing me with extra motivation and support. It’s also great to have your problems and queries answered quickly and professionally – well done Yuri.

Portable - I love the idea that when I go on holidays I will still be able to do the workouts; and

Results - most importantly. These are included below.


Initial | 6 weeks |12weeks | Change

Weight 76.4 kg | 76.2 kg | 74.5 | 1.9 Kg
Chest 96cm (38in) | same | same | 0
Waist 84cm (33in) | 82.5cm(32.5in) | 81cm(32in) | 3cm(1in)
Hips 102cm(40in) | 102cm(40in) | 99cm(39in) | 3cm(1in)

I have lost approximately 2 Kg mainly in the last six weeks – which may not seem much – but I am very happy with this as usually during this time (our winter) I would have gained 2 Kg. Also I know by slowly losing weight I am more likely to keep it off as I am really after a lifestyle change for the rest of my life not a quick fix that would only be short lived. I am also looking at the long term results, for example 2 kg in 12 weeks is equivalent to 8-9 Kg in a year – I would be extremely happy with that.

I am also very happy with the loss of 3cm (1in) off my waist and hips. As I have said in the 6 week results when I lost 1/2in off my waist - this is great as I know it decreases my risk of heart disease, some types of cancers and diabetes. I also know that if I continue to lose 1in every 12 weeks that is equivalent to over 4in in a year – fantastic- look out Beyonce.

My Fitter U tracker results (great idea Yuri) show an improvement in my strength demonstrated by:

Weights – I now lift more than double the weight I started with. However, I will be honest I did start with light weights as before I started this program I was not doing any weight training, the only exercise I was doing was the occasional walk (very passive –shocking compared to what I am achieving now);

Push–ups – started on my knees in Month 1 and I could only do 10 now I am able to do 7 full length ones in TBC4 (and that is after doing the bench press exercises – 1st set);

Core strength – At the beginning of month 2 I couldn’t keep my balance on the stability ball to do the ‘Push-Ups with Knee Roll-in’ – by the end of that Month I could do them easily. I initially also found it very difficult to keep my balance with the lunges – I can now also do these easily. More importantly I have noticed that my old knee injury seems to have improved - I think it is due to the improved strength in my quads – thanks again Yuri; and

Triceps Blasters started on knees – by the end of the month I could do them with a long lever (full)

The Other Areas of My Life That Have Improved Include:

Endurance – initially intervals use to ‘kill’ me and I use to swear at you frequently because I was so unfit. Now I find them easier and I hardly ever swear at you - but I know I still have a long way to go. I would never have done intervals by myself – never. I am quite amazed at what I achieved with you (Yuri) pushing me – I often feel like I cant do any more – then your voice comes on the iPod - and somehow I can find that extra energy to push myself a little more – amazing. Now I find I have more energy in all areas of my life. For example - I can now keep up with my 11 year old twin boys and I am having more fun with them– playing chase etc. Another example as I have discussed in the forum was when my husband was away – I found I could push myself a little more during the day and I could achieve much more than I normally could;

Mood – I am a much happier person – yes exercise is a mood elevator – I feel great. I especially love it when I have had a tough day – then I put on my iPod, start exercising, and my problems seem to fade away;

Immunity – much improved I didn’t get a cold or any illness since commencing this program. Usually I have one cold/winter;

Sleep – much improved since starting the program– deeper and sounder and I feel more refreshed in the morning;

Thinking clearer and quicker – I have found that I am more mentally alert. I think your programs are also great for mind fitness I’m sure not to develop Alzheimer’s as with your program you need to think quickly to maneuver into different positions – eg. The TB3 workout;

Confidence – I have stepped out of my comfort zone numerous times during the past 12 weeks eg. I entered in the parents’ event at my boys’ school athletics – usually I would have been a passive observer on the sidelines; and

Flexibility – I have found that I can function better doing everyday activities. I seem to be able to achieve more with less effort due to I believe weight loss and increased strength, fitness and I’m sure flexibility.

Finally from the photos you can definitely see that I am becoming ‘shapelier’ as my husband says- which he is very ‘Happy’ with.

Since joining Fitter U Fitness I have realized how important it is for making time to exercise as it really does help me in all areas of my life. I now know that it is extremely important to be selfish with this time and not feel guilty (something that use to be difficult for me to do). I can now see how the benefits of your program far outweigh the costs. Exercise is now a priority just like any other appointment I have in my diary.

I feel as if I am now in a positive feedback loop ie.

Exercise -> become fitter ->healthier ->eat healthier->weight loss->happier->achieve more-> more confidence and then the cycle (positive loop/ positive feedback) starts again.

Another positive is that when Mum is happy, the rest of the family is happy as well. So yes, my husband and boys are also very happy with this program.

Thanks again Yuri; your enthusiasm and passion for fitness and health are contagious and thus have helped me to learn the above; resulting in a huge improvement in my health and life. I have now committed myself to a healthy and fit lifestyle for ever.

Thanks again.

Sue Van Dyke (1 of your addicts)

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