2nd "Fitter Than Ever Contest"

Results and Transformations

January 12 to April 6, 2010



Chaz Vagai

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"16-year old superstar loses 10.4 lbs, now holds his school record for most push-ups, and inches closer to his dream career as a firefighter."


"Wow. That was one tough 12 week training program. And in short I couldn’t have done it without Fitter U Fitness. This has brought my couple of steps closer to achieving greater fitness for my dream job of becoming a firefighter in the future.

I started this program at 92.2kgs and today weigh 87.5kg. Even though the numbers don’t show much change but boy do I feel the improvements! I can now run faster and perform the most pushups in my level at school, holding the records of 51 pushups in one go (and I know I could have pushed for more).

One major change I’ve noticed is my energy after school. I train in the morning with my brother and mum, I at first thought this would drain my energy. But surprisingly I’ve noticed the opposite. I’m more energetic throughout my day and this has lead to better focus in class, too.

Despite been only 16 years old, these past 12 weeks has really taught me the importance of goal setting and focusing on a goal. Despite been a 2kgs from my goal weight I am very proud of the definition change in my body and more so the improvement in my fitness and health. And this is only the beginning. I will continue to train to maintain and continue to improve my fitness and will continue to work to my goal.

I want to thank my bro (Chris - last contest's winner) for supporting me during my competition and most importantly thank Yuri for the program and support on the forums. I couldn’t have done it without it!

My results:

Weight: Lost 10.4lbs
Before: 92.2kg (203.3lb)
After: 87.5kg (192.9lb)

Waist: Lost 2cm
Before: 95cm
After: 93cm

Hip: Lost 2.5cm
Before: 107cm
After: 104.5cm

Thanks again Yuri!"

- Chaz Vagai
Melbourne, Australia


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