2nd"Fitter Than Ever Contest"

Results and Transformations

January 12 to April 6, 2010


1st RUNNER UP (Female)

Lega Vagai

*Wins $250 reward PLUS 6-Month FREE membership to Fitter U Fitness*


"Mother of 6 loses 22.1 lbs, goes from clothing size 14 to 10, doubles her running endurance, and gets in the best shape of her life!


"A thinner and more energetic mother of 6!

What a journey! This has to be the hardest 12 weeks of training I've gone through but the most rewarding. I've almost achieved my target of 65kgs (in fact I'm only half a KG to my goal)! One improvement I am proud of is before Fitter U Fitness, in half an hour on the treadmill I could only cover 2km but with the program and the interval training, in that same time I've almost doubled the distance up to 4km.

I am 42 years old with 6 kids and this would have to be the BEST shape I have been in YEARS!!! I never knew I could do it. And the clothes! Love it. I use to be a size 14 before this contest and now I can fit into 12 comfortably and also into a size 10. I not only can fit into old clothes but now have bought some better fitting jeans from Jeans West. What a good excuse to spoil myself a little

More importantly my energy levels are amazing. Having to look after my family as well as my studies at the same time in the past had taken its toll on my health. Though I looked thin, I didn't feel too good under my skin. However this program had changed my life and my families, too. My kids look up to me more and are motivated by my actions. My energy levels are amazing and I feel strong the whole day. Nutritionally, my families dinners have changed from take away and fast foods because of convenience to a more well round meals with veges and lean meat. Additionally, me and my sons have blended" super shakes" aka smoothies every morning with raw green veges which also has done wonders for my energy.

Like I mentioned earlier, what a journey this has been. I could have never done it without the structure of the program, the support from the forum and my family.

My results:

Weight: Lost 22.1lbs
Before: 72.5kg (166.5lb)
After: 65.5kg (144.4lb)

Waist: Lost 4cm
Before: 84cm
After: 80cm

Hip: Lost 3.5cm
Before: 102cm
After: 98.5cm

Thanks again, and God Bless."

- Lega

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