How a Mother of FIVE Took Control of Her Fitness (And Life) Losing 14.4 lbs, Sculpting a Flat Stomach, And Now Proudly Wears a Swimsuit Without Embarrassment...

And How YOU Can Too!




"The last three months have been an amazing journey. Joining this challenge-- and doing Yuri's workouts and eating plan-- has been one of the best decisions I have made to improve my health. I feel strong, confident, and am in the best shape of my life.

Before finding Yuri's Fitter U FItness progmra, I had been working on losing weight for the last few years, but I was now looking for something different and better than what I had been doing. I had been learning about the benefits of eating raw food, and I was also looking to really increase my fitness level. When I saw Yuri's Fitter U Fitness Program, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

I love the workouts. They are not too long, but quite intense, yet they are suitable for many fitness levels. I started with fairly low weights and worked up to some pretty heavy weights.

I also really enjoy having the forum to track my progress. It's a good place to talk with others about how we are doing and to motivate each other. It helps me stay accountable.

Another thing I used for motivation was always having my before pictures close by.

I knew that if I followed the plan I would be able to make big changes in how I looked. I wanted to be able to post an after picture that showed a great improvement. It only took a few weeks on the program before I started seeing changes in the mirror. My fat was decreasing and my muscles were looking more defined.

Each month when I started a new workout I could feel my muscles challenged in new ways. And by the end of the month I could notice a big improvement on how easily I was able to complete the exercises. This is another reason I love this program. It is constantly changing. Every week there is a variety of workouts.

And then each month we get a whole new set of exercises to challenge and strengthen us. I know if I continue with this program I will continue to get stronger and fitter. It really excites me to think about it.

I have already grown so much stronger in the last 12 weeks. I can see an improvement in my hiking endurance. And last week when I went out kayaking for the first time this season, my shoulder muscles didn't tire, even when fighting against a strong wind. They weren't even sore the next day. So these workouts are helping me to be able to better enjoy my favorite outdoor activities. And they also help me get through the long days that are not as much fun, but take plenty of endurance.

As a mother of five teenages life can get hectic and stressful. And I am contantly faced with food temptations-- from having to bake cupcakes for school or church activities to having the kids bring pizzas and other junk food into the house. I have to remember my goals and constantly remind myself that I am doing something that will make me much more happy than eating pizza. I am very thankful for my 13 year old daughter that has embraced healthy eating with me and is a big support. I am so proud of the progress she has made and to see her able to resist the junk food that is brought into the house by her older brothers.

I measured my progress in several ways--through pictures, scale weight, jeans size, and measurements. Here are some of the results:

Starting Weight: 150.4 lbs

End weight: 136 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 14.4 lbs

Starting Jeans Size: 10

End Jeans Size: 6

Measurements (inches lost) :

Waist: 2

Belly Button: 4

Abdomen: 2.5

Hips/Butt: 2.5

Upper thigh: 1.75

Mid Thigh: 1.5

Since starting this program three months ago I have obtained many other things such as:

More energy, strength, confidence, a flat stomach, better endurance, courage, I can now wear a swim suit without embarrassment, I feel younger, I can be an example to others, I have muscular arms and legs, and have that wonderful feeling of being in control!

One of the big things I have learned along the way is to never give up!

Opportunities come up that could cause discouragement. There are times where I had bad days. On those days there is the temptation is get upset and wonder why I am even trying. But I have learned that it's alright and to say, "Okay, I had a bad day(s). No problem. Now I need to forget it and jump right back into the program." And in the long run those bad days will mean nothing. But the ability to jump right back in and get back on track means EVERYTHING.

So I know that whatever comes at me that I will be able to do what it takes to keep myself healthy and fit. I have the tools and the determination.

Thanks Yuri, for a fantasic program."

- Christine




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