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Fat Burning Workout Routine

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

Great Fat Burning Workout Routine Revealed...

When I work with my clients, one of the key elements that I incorporate into any fat burning workout routine is INTENSITY. In my view, intensity is the most critical aspect of any exercise regime and can mean the difference between someone who reaches their goals and someone who doesn't. Increasing your workout's intensity will stimulate your body to burn more calories and induce a greater cardiovascular response. It will also allow you to have more time efficient fat burning workouts.

If you are looking to burn fat and become more toned, then increasing your exercise intensity is critical. Many people have the misconception that if you workout at a higher intensity you will no longer be burning fat since you will be in your "cardio zone". Whereas, if you keep your intensity low for a longer duration you will burn more fat since you will be in your "fat burning zone". Let me clarify this for you once and for all. By training at a low intensity (75% max) your main fuel source is carbohydrate but you will ultimately burn more calories. And since 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, the ultimate goal is to burn as many calories as possible to create a negative energy balance!

One of the best ways to achieve this intensity is through the use of fat burning workouts which include full-body compound circuit training (strength training) in conjunction with interval training (on the cardio equipment). The benefit of full body compound training is that since it utilizes more muscle in any given movement you burn more calories. The intensity of the workout also means that each exercise becomes more challenging as your heart rate is sustained at a much higher level.

Here are a couple of benefits of following a fat burning workout routine combining circuit training and interval training:

1. Intervals and circuits vastly reduce boredom. Traditional steady state cardio training and/or weight lifting can become quite boring. Interval training and circuit training offer more variety and excitement to your fat burning workouts.

2. Interval training increases post-exercise energy expenditure (calories burned following exercise) more than steady-state exercise, which means that more fat is burned. After intense exercise, the body needs extra calories as it works to repair muscles, replace energy stores (i.e. carbohydrate) and restore the body to its normal state (e.g. reduce heart rate). As this can take many hours, you will keep on burning more calories long after the workout is over. In fact, research shows that metabolic rate is higher for several hours following interval training compared to steady state exercise.

3. Interval training burns more calories. As an example, 30 minutes on an Elliptical machine using a steady state program will burn roughly 292 calories, whereas 30 minutes of intervals will burn approximately 584 calories!

Here is a great fat burning workout routine that will leave you huffing and puffing:

bike, treadmill, elliptical, rower 5-10 min

CIRCUIT (45 seconds for each exercise, with 15 seconds rest between exercises) 5-7 min
Lunge walks with lateral raises

Plank (on stability ball)

Squats with medicine ball shoulder press


Side Bridges

Reverse Pull-ups


INTERVAL TRAINING (cardio equipment)
20 sec @ 100% : 40 sec @ 70% x 5 5 min

Repeat Circuit and Interval 3 times

Total Workout Time: 45 - 60 min

As you can tell, this just one example of many fat burning workouts at home that you can enjoy.

Here's another fat burning workout routine (in video format) you can try:

Another great method for burning fat is cycling, you can cycle indoors at the gym or you may even have your own stationary bike at home. The preferred method is cycling outside on a beautiful day. This is a great exercise for burning fat, depending on speed and resistance you can burn around an amazing figure of 250 - 500 in half an hour, but remember to burn them fat calories you must keep it low intensity.

Swimming is another great method for burning fat. The best thing about swimming it that it's very fun as well. This helps to enjoy training and achieve better results. In swimming there are different techniques e.g. breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke. It's entirely up to you which technique you prefer, for instance performing breast stroke for 30 minutes can burn roughly 400 calories. That's a very healthy figure indeed.

Our final method is rowing, this is a fantastic exercise all round. Rowing is great for exercise and benefits your arms by a large amount, killing two birds with one stone is always a great advantage. Again you can do this at home if you have a rowing machine or at the gym. You may even be in a rowing team, and can perform this exercise on a lovely lake. Keep it low intensity and row away; you can burn up to 300 calories within half an hour.

If you mix and match these fat burning workouts, the weight should drop off you in no time, overall achieving your goals in a quicker period. You could even make a circuit out of these to really feel the pain.

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fat burning workout routine


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