Fat Burning Workouts For Women

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

When training to reach your goals you can’t beat fat burning workouts, these types of workouts really help you stay motivated and focused, while leaving you with a leaner body. This article will list and explain some great fat burning workouts for the women who want to be shred that unwelcomed body fat.

The first exercise is the ‘leap frog’; this is a great exercise to get that heart and the entire lower body pumping. If you’re in the gym or at home use a 12 to 18 inch step. Place your feet roughly hip width a part, while bending your knees slightly. Now jump onto the step, make sure you land quietly with your heels connecting first and bend your knees again. Now you push off with them heels and leap back down, you should land softly from your heel to your toe. Carry out this exercise for one minute and then rest, this is counted as one set.

Another great exercise is the ‘bosu burpie push up’; this is great for your chest and core muscle. Locate your bosu on the ground with the dome facing downwards. Now you stand facing the bosu, place your feet hip width apart again, squat, lean forward and hold the sides of the bosu. You then jump both feet back in to a plank position and straighten your arms. Tense your abdominals and perform a push up, move back in to the squat position then stand. You have just completed one rep, aim for 12-15 in a set. Try and carry out 5 sets to really feel the gain.

Also another favourite at Fitter U Fitness is ‘mountain climber’. This exercise is key for working the shoulders, triceps, core, chest and lower body.  At first move your body into a push-up position, placing your hands shoulder width a part. Now drive your right knee in towards your chest, whilst keeping your left leg straight behind you, at the same time make sure your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Keeping your hands on the floor, keep cycling your legs you’re your chest, one at a time.  Try completing around 5 sets to help burn that unwanted fat.

This fat burning workout routine is great for those who want to lose that body fat and remain in great shape. The best things with these types of workouts are the fact you can make up a circuit from them. Making training even more fun and demanding, which we all know equals improved results. Try these exercises today to feel the pinch and lose them unwanted pounds, these can be performed anywhere from the gym, in your house or if the weather is good you can always to these outdoors.


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