Fat Loss Interrogation

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

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Hey, guys, Yuri Elkaim here, and I’ve got another great interview today for you guys; interviewing with a good buddy of mine, another Torontonian—well, I guess the north end of Toronto; still considered Toronto—Dan Go.

He is a personal trainer/fat-loss expert in the Toronto area, and today we’re gonna be talking about intermittent fasting, metabolic resistance training, basically whatever, the tools that you need to use and things that you need to be doing in order to burn fat effectively. So, Dan, thanks for joining me, buddy.


Awesome. I am really appreciative of being here, and I hope I can give as much content as possible that everybody listening can take action on immediately.


Definitely; sounds good. So, why don’t we start off by just kinda giving our listeners and readers just kind of a brief overview of who you are, where you’ve come from, and how you got into helping people really transform their bodies?


Cool. Well, you know, way back when, probably around, like, five to seven years ago, I used to be fat. I mean, there’s no kinda…just totally being honest about it.

I hung out with the wrong crowd. I was smoking cigarettes, I was drinking on the weekends. I didn’t necessarily have, like, you know, a good lifestyle.

Especially after college; they call it the freshman fifteen, and what happened to me was it actually turned into, like, the sophomore thirty. So, after college I kinda gained, like, thirty-seven pounds and it was disgusting.

And then pretty much, you know, what happened was, I got, I was actually in this place, in this pool bar where all of my friends used to hang around, and one person—actually, one of my friends—he was there as well. And then I had met this ex-girlfriend of mine, and she was like, “Hey, Dan, looks like you’re working out. Have you been working out a little bit more?”

And I was like, “No, not exactly,” you know, because it looked like I was bigger but, obviously, I wasn’t. And then one of my friends, he just blurted out, he’s like, “No, this guy’s not getting bigger; he’s getting fat.”

And, literally, my face turned red. This is probably my most embarrassing moment of my life. After that, you know, it really kinda struck me. I had to leave the place.

I went back home and I was just like, “You know what?” It was pretty much the lowest part of my life, and that was the point where I decided, “Hey, you know what? I gotta do something.” And then literally after that—that was kinda like the trigger point for me—and then after that what I did was research, like, the top fat-loss methods, tried to find the best ways to lose fat, and then just kept it going. And then after that I was able to lose all the weight from my body and able to change my body into actually a better body than I had back in high school.


That’s wicked.


But even after that, I mean, after that I decided I wanted to turn this into a passion, and I left my job, which I had a very nice safe and stable job, and I decided to do personal training. It kinda led me to starting my own fitness company and also coming out with a new fitness product as well to help women get their bodies back.

It was just pretty much organically. It was a bad situation, but I ended up turning it into a good situation right now.


That’s great. And I love how you used, kind of like you’re very blunt and honest about the fact that, like, you got to a point where you hit a pain threshold, where it was just that one incident of, you know, “Oh my God; this can’t keep going.”

And I think for people listening and reading, it’s really important to kind of understand that. A lot of times we don’t change until something very, very painful—like you just talked about, Dan—happens, and a lot of times, we just kinda coast through life thinking, Okay, I’m gonna change; I wanna change, blah, blah, blah, but until something really painful happens like that, a lot of us just kinda sit on the fence.

So, thanks for sharing that. Now, considering that—sorry, go ahead.


I’m sorry. You know, I just think that people can’t change unless they actually get, like, really, really pissed off, or they need that moment, that situation that makes them so mad that they have to just do something about their change, you know? They just have to have something like that.







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