Fat Loss Interrogation

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

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Definitely. And I know you work a lot with women. Do you find that women have this kind of paradigm where they think in order to lose weight or get toned, itís all about lifting light weights for, like, fifty reps?

You know, doing those body-pump classes at different fitness clubs as opposed, and when you introduce them to the concept of, ďHey, weíre only gonna work out for fifteen to twenty m minutes, maybe heavier weights, higher intensity,Ē do you find that thereís a bit of a disconnect with a lot of women, or do they kind of embrace it pretty easily?


Well, one of the rules when I train women is that you have to get a weight thatís challenging, and if I ever catch them with a weight that isnít challenging, I just force them to do it.

I tell them why they need to do it, because, pretty much, five pounds of muscle compared to five pounds of fat is at least, like, two times less than, so that means two times smaller. And you need more muscle on your body because thatís the only way your metabolism is gonna be burning all this fat, right?

One time I had this girlóactually, not even one time; this is probably a story I can tell over and over with different women who come to me. Itís just like, ďDan, Iíve been lifting these heavy weightsĒóokay, I donít mean to mock this person at all; itís just a generic voiceóďSo, Dan, Iíve been lifting this heavy weight all this long. I feel like Iím getting bulkier right now. I think I should switch over and do less weight.Ē

So, essentially, what we do is, you know, we put that person on the scale. We do an assessment pretty much whenever we have to do an assessment, and we show them, ďHey, look, this is where you were; this is where you are. Youíve actually decreased, like, your waist size, youíve actually decreased weight.Ē

Whatís happening is all of this is in their minds. Whatís going on is they feel like by lifting the heavy weight, automatically, they make the connection between lifting the heavy weight and gaining more weight and getting bulkier, so what happens is, their mind plays tricks on them and makes them think that they are actually getting bulkier.

But numbers really donít lie whatsoever, you know? If we put you on the scale, if youíve been doing everything weíve asked you to do nutritionally, which isnít hard, and if youíre doing the workouts, I mean, you are going to see results, you know?

Itís pretty much a basic fact. So, yeah, we do get that objection, like, tons of times. Iím pretty sure you do yourself, but itís just a myth.


Well, I also think that itís important for people, you know, especially women to realize that weíre not just talking about weight loss; weíre talking about fat loss, ícause thatís the ultimate goal. We donít wanna lose muscle.

If somebody steps on the scale and theyíre a hundred and fifty pounds and they start doing strength training and theyíre still a hundred and fifty pounds, well, it doesnít mean that you havenít lost anything.

Do a body-composition test and see where your body fat is compared to where it was, ícause if youíre at twenty percent body fat now versus thirty percent body fat, thatís a huge difference, and thatís ultimately what the goal is. So, women out there listen to what Danís talking about, okay?


Yeah, and listen to what Yuri talks about too.


Dan, whatís theÖin terms of peopleóI know that youíve just come out with a new programówhatís the best for people to check out your new program? Maybe tell us a bit about it and what the Web site is for that.


Okay, well, the program that I have out right now is just essentially my training and my nutrition policy when it comes to fat loss. Now, a lot of people that come to me for fat loss, I mean, I donít get a lot of people that just went through pregnancy.

Actually, I do but I donít get a lot of people that are fit. I have a lot of people that come to me that have been fit that wanna get back in shape. Like, girls just wanna get back into their skinny jeans that they had, say, like, two or three years ago or from college.

Girls just wanna get back into that old pair, that old clothing thatís in their closet right now and they just wanna feel confident and happy in their body. So, I came out with this product called BodyBack Fat Loss Program, and then the BodyBack Fat Loss Program is kind of like four different fat-loss programs because we donít want your body to blitz out whatsoever, so weeks one to three, youíll be doing tabatas.

Weeks, say, two to sixóIím really bad with my math; even though Iím Chinese, Iím horrible with my math. So, the next week will be, say, actually, a ten-minute training, so ten-minute circuits. The next one will be one-minute metabolism maximizers; and then the fourth one and final one will be complexes.

Now, we go through these kinda phases, and theyíre all building up toward, say, the hardest circuits to make sure that weíre burning fat and, also, our bodies never get used to the exercises. Now, the nutrition program that we have, itís all based on the sixteen-eight intermittent fasting method.

Now, what I forgot to tell you is that for the actual nutrition program, we have to allow you to kind of have one day where you can eat whatever you want. We call these cheat days or anything-you-want days. This kinda, like, breaks the mold of the fact, this kinda breaks the mind-set that youíre dieting, and these are the days that most of my clients look forward to. These days actually help you lose more fat because youíre increasing this hormone called leptin in your body, and then it just breaks that, I mean, the whole thing is that it just breaks that mind-set that youíre dieting, so we have those days involved with the actually nutrition program as well.

So, yeah, I mean, you can get it at www.BodybackFatLoss.com. Yeah, I mean, itís one of the most comprehensive fat-loss programs that Iíve done, that Iíve made, because Iíve actually researched and invested tons and thousands of dollars into, like, different fat-loss programs from multiple fitness experts.

So, yeah, thatís pretty much where you can get it. And, yeah, thatís pretty much it. Or you can get it from my blog.


Whatís that?


Or they can go to my blog.


Sorry, whatís the blog there?






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