Getting The Most Out Of Your Time At The Gym

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

If you’ve ever walked into your gym and had no clue where to begin your training, then you should consider creating a routine. Getting the most out of your gym time means you need to open you mind to various training ideas. Always plan ahead so you know how to execute your plan of action and how much time it will take you to do so. Also track your fitness training program to assess gains and nutritional support.

Planning your gym routine
When you walk into the gym, you should have a plan set in place so you know how much time you need to workout, and how to structure your training. It’s important to not only organize a workout routine, but also have alternative exercises in mind to avoid lengthy waits for equipment.

The best method of training is a full body workout that involves strength training, metabolic circuits, and high intensity cardiovascular exercises. The less you depend on machines during your workout, the more likely you will get through your routine on time and on with your day.

Full body workouts allow you to hit each muscle group during your strength training routine. This also means you go less often during the week, and train your muscles more frequently. Your full body routine needs to involve compound movements performed in supersets.

Keeping a fitness journal
Bring a journal with you each time you workout to track your gains and provided a written plan. It is best to write down your workout before you arrive. Include each exercise, the amount of sets and reps you plan to perform, and whether they will be supersets, giant sets, or circuits.

As you go through your training, write down important information:

  • The amount of weight you lift with each set
  • Whether or not you met your rep requirements
  • How you felt during the exercise
  • How long you rested between sets

Also track your diet in your journal. Nutrition is as important as your training itself. Write down what you eat during each meal that day, focusing on your nutrition before and after your training. This way you can gage your energy levels by what you put into your body. If you notice your energy is low, you may want to add more to your pre-workout meal. If you feel full and groggy during your workout, then decrease your caloric intake pre-workout, or change the type of calories you consume.

You may workout during peak hours at your gym. If you do, then always remember to have alternative exercises in mind in a case where equipment is being used. Rather than waiting around for someone to finish an exercise, give yourself the option to move onto something else.

Be creative in your workouts. You don’t need to perform the same routine each week. In fact, the more you mix up your movements, the greater you challenge your body. Avoiding adaptation to an exercise routine will increase your gains and improve your strength.



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